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Xero Accounting Software

At last a superb, easy to use online accounting system that we are very happy to recommend and support. Join the rapidly growing band of small and medium sized businesses that are logging into XERO at any time and from anywhere even from iPhone or iIPad. Bookkeeping has become fun (well almost!).

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Being online there are no more software upgrades to install and backups to take. Being online also allows us to support you quickly by logging in, seeing what you are doing and talking over any queries that you have on the phone. That might not happen that often as XERO comes with a lot easy to understand help and support including videos. No need to go on expensive training courses.

Other features include:

  • Financial reports linking to the underlying transactions
  • Customised invoicing – email your invoices out to your customers
  • Daily Automated bank feeds into XERO from many of the major banks
  • Quick and easy VAT returns
  • A dashboard instantly showing your bank balances, recent sales and upcoming bills

How much does this all cost? Well much less of your time. In money terms, for most businesses £15 a month + VAT.

Do you want a DEMO or try for FREE to see how XERO could work for your business? Or are you already convinced and want help to transfer from your existing system to XERO?

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